Welcome to the Inner Man Theatre Bible Challenge, or more specifically, the Lightspeed Lab Bible Challenge.  I’m your host, James Scott, and this is where you either show your knowledge of Scripture or end up learning some amazing things you hadn’t realized before in our beginner modes!

    Before we begin, however, the most important thing in life is knowing that you’re going to heaven.  If you want to know how to be 100% sure of that all the time, I’ll tell you here.  The link will redirect you to this page after your done.  Once that’s settled, feel free to browse through the list of quizzes on this page.

    As you take these lively quizzes for all the books of the Bible, you’ll have a chance to dive into the Word of God while getting to know our crazy lab crew somewhat better.  You can even let us know in the comments here who your favorite hosts are to make things even more fun.  You’ll also notice a major difference between the first seven quizzes and the rest of the series as we decided to let you see just how far our camera equipment has come from the “good old days”.  Enjoy the nostalgia as you let your thoughts dwell on the most important subject in the universe, the Word of God.  Click a quiz and have a blast!




—The Mosaic Law—






—Historical Books—




-1 Samuel-

-2 Samuel-

-1 Kings-

-2 Kings-

-1 Chronicles-

-2 Chronicles-




—Poetical Books—





-Song of Solomon-

—Major Prophets—






—Minor Prophets—














—Switching Testaments—

-Old Testament Book Review-

-The Silent Years-




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