How much do you know about 1 Peter?  Do you know anything about 1 Peter, or is this your opportunity to learn something new?  I am Rig, and I will be the one to bring to you a delightful and insightful lesson on the first of the two letters that follow after the book of James.  First, allow me to explain the rules, then we shall begin.

    There are 20 questions in total.  In beginner mode, I shall ask you all of them in a practice setting with no game overs to worry about, whereas in the other two modes, I break up those same questions to have 10 easy questions and 10 hard questions.  That way, you will surely grasp this topic with little trouble.

And now that I have explained it, we can begin it.

-Beginner Mode-

-Easy Mode-

-Hard Mode-

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