Well, look at that; I’ve finally gone back from being a second rank soldier to being a celebrity again.  The name’s Shoro.  I doubt you’ve heard of Stark the Shark, but before I met the System Guards, I was a championship fighter, and I’ve gotta’ admit that all my toughest matches combined can’t compare with the adventure I’ve had since surrendering my talents and fame to God.  However, that doesn’t mean that I’ve grown soft.  Heh heh, if you want to see the drill sergeant still in action, just try to follow along with my challenge today.  Don’t worry; I’ll still go easy on you if you’re new to Ezra.

Ladies and gentlemen, what will our competitor do today?  Will we see the long journey from a humble beginning to complete dominance where I give all the answers in the beginner mode without penalties for wrong guesses?  Will we hear the cheers of the crowd as the challenger skips to the easy mode to begin the real quiz, or will we feel the power of the champion who starts with the hard mode and goes backwards in the levels to show us how much Bible is really in that monumental memory?

How will this epic clash start?

-Start the journey-

-Give me the real quiz-

-Let’s try the hard mode first-

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