You know, I’ve never been brave enough to try out for cheerleading, but that might be a good way of describing the person in this next lesson, I think.  Join me, Umido Sakuro, as we talk about the book of Haggai and its author who is a key supporter in another book of the Bible about which we’ve already posted a quiz.  Do you know which one that is?  If you happen to have forgotten, you’ll probably definitely remember after this game.

So then, which will it be, the lesson or the actual quiz?  If you need to first learn about Haggai, take the beginner mode.  If you want to test your knowledge as it is, start with easy mode and progress accordingly, though you should be aware I may say something in the intro class that you miss if you skip out, but that’s up to you.

Well then?  Tell me; which adventure shall we take together?

-Beginner Mode-

-Easy Mode-

-Hard Mode-

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