“Emily, you are finally hosting a quiz!  What took so long?”  Ha ha, I know, right?  I mean, being the celebrity wife of this quiz series’ host, you’d think my smile would show up more often.  Ha ha, I’m kidding.  If I wanted to, I’d interrupt the other lessons more often, but that would not be wise on my part.  See?  Did you see what I did?  I said, “That would not be wise,” because I’m doing the lesson on….


So, would you prefer me telling you all the answers in the beginner mode, allowing you to learn the information first?  You might want to skip straight to taking the quiz in easy mode, if you’re familiar enough with Proverbs.  You can even start with hard mode and go backwards, though I recommend you save that section for last.

So then, how shall we quiz?

-Beginner Mode-

-Easy Mode-

-Hard Mode-

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