This is not simply your imagination.  This is real.  We have finally reached the Revelation quiz in our enjoyable series, and I have been given the privilege of hosting it.  In case we have not met, I am Christian Scott, and I am very excited to be your guide for this adventure.

    To recap our usual format, I have 20 questions in all that I want to ask you, and I will first ask them in the beginner mode, but with the answers included so that you may learn the material without consequence for mistakes.  I will then divide my selection in half to make up the easy mode and the hard mode.  If you can learn the beginner questions, you will already know what you’ll encounter in the other settings.

And now that we understand what lies before us, let us talk about…what lies before us.

Click an option to start the quiz of the future.

-Beginner Mode-

-Easy Mode-

-Hard Mode-

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