It is hard to believe that our quiz series is nearly ended, but we are already as far as the book of Jude, and that is the epistle we are discussing in this particular lesson.  My name is Sarah Scott, and it will be my great pleasure to assist you in learning about this phenomenal topic.  I will explain the quiz format to our new friends, then we will begin.

    There are 20 questions in total, and I will ask them all in the beginner mode, but with the answers included so you can learn the material first before worrying about answering correctly.  Once this is done, I will break those same 20 into 10 easy questions and 10 hard questions, and that is what makes up the options you see below.  So, would you like to learn everything first in the beginner mode, or are you ready to skip ahead to the main quiz, starting with easy mode?

Pick the mode you wish to begin.

-Beginner Mode-

-Easy Mode-

-Hard Mode-

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