Welcome to the music page!!

Grave Debate Pic 22 - Copy

Here is a little gallery of music I’ve toyed with over the years, some for projects I never got to do, and others for games you may recognize. (Or at least you should!)

I plan to redo the game themes with a less “8-bit” sound, so don’t worry.  But other than that, just more of my goofing off for you to enjoy.


All Cheerful & Rosie


Series Theme


Virginia’s Theme


Georgia’s Theme


Callie’s Theme


Caroline’s Theme


Rhoda’s Theme



System Guards Game


System Guards Game Into


System Guards Game Title


Aj Scar


Amy Scott




Small Town


Town 2


Astronomical Transformation


Boss Dialogue


MC Blade


MC Bore


Desolation Engine


Desolation Engine (Piano)


MC Blue (Run)









Nice Song


Prairie (Unfinished, but awesome!)


Yet To Be


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