Ecclesiastes is the subject today, and I’m your host, Ashleigh.  Please just call me Ash.  If you took the Ezra quiz with my Shoro and you’re actually still with us, thank you for staying here and I’m sorry for any trauma he may have caused you, he he!  I’ll try to not be as aggressive.  That being said, I will explain the options below.

    The beginner mode is just the lesson.  I ask questions, but give the answers as well.  Easy mode presents the first half of the beginner class as a real quiz, and hard mode, as you might have guessed, rehearses the more difficult questions from the tutorial.  Wow!  That explanation was a lot clearer than some of the others I’ve heard, not that you other guys did a bad job, ha ha!  Anyway, we’d better start the quiz before I get myself in trouble.

Pick from one of the options below.

-Beginner Mode-

-Easy Mode-

-Hard Mode-

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