Welcome to the Bible section!

    Whether you’re new to the Word of God or you’re a veteran who wants to dive even deeper into the subject, we’ve got you covered.  Click any of the images below to check out our helpful resources.



    This is the most amazing book-by-book Bible quiz you will ever take!  It even comes with a tutorial section in case you need to learn the topics before testing your memory of what you’ve learned.


    Of course, the name of the lab comes from the shorter lessons found in our main classroom here.  Cut to the chase with these three-paragraph topical summaries.


    For those following our Inner Man Theatre Facebook page, here is the entire collection of the inspirational thoughts we regularly share.


    These extra lessons used to be a part of a page on our site for those who may want to skip the cartoon characters.  While we’ve embraced our special way of teaching, we decided to leave these here for whoever might benefit from them.


If you have any prayer requests, feel free to leave them in the comments of our prayer page.


    Also, while you’re free to ask questions directly on the page of any lesson you might read, we made a place for you to specifically ask your Bible inquiries in the area linked below.

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