Hey there.  My name is Jaqueline Scar.  Just call me Jaqui, as in Jackie but with a spelling that’s probably confusing you since you can’t actually hear me, hehe!  I suppose you’ve noticed by now that we’ve finally upgraded the visuals on the monitor.  We were planning on doing this after we got to the New Testament, but changed our minds.  Also…

These totally adorable tots are our Lightspeed Littles, and they’re going to be helping us with the quizzes from now on.  That said, this is just like all our other quizzes.  If you have no idea what the book of Ruth is about, our beginner’s course will simply teach you what you need to know.  Once you finish that, you can test your memory with the easy and hard modes.

Ready to get started, dear?

-Beginner Mode-

-Easy Mode-

-Hard Mode-

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