Sup?  I’m sure you know who Missy is.  She’s the girl in the green uniform and beret that hosted the quiz about Numbers, and she is the wife of the green boy, AB.  He’s kind of the main guy of Inner Man Theatre.  If you still don’t know who I’m talking about, then I’m really worried about your chances of winning this Nehemiah quiz, but either way, that Missy I’m referring to is my little baby sister.  You’re in the safe keeping of her big brother, Junior, for now.

(Missy: First, you’re precious for using your slight height advantage to call yourself my big brother, little baby brother.  Second, that was a super long introduction just for that one attack on my stature.  You make it sound like I’m Keb’s height.)

(Keb: Hey!)

Getting back to the quiz, I’ve had my fun agitating the girls, so let’s start the game while I’m still alive.  You have three modes to choose from.  You can take the beginner’s course and have me tell you everything, you can start the actual quiz with the easy mode or you can start with the hard mode and go backwards because you’re like that.  Just know that the leniency for mistakes lessens as you go into the tougher modes.

Which mode will you choose?

-Beginner Mode-

-Easy Mode-

-Hard Mode-

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