What happened between the Old and New Testament?  Well, if you’re now wondering the same thing, you won’t be in the dark after this lesson.  My name is Jo, and I am going to go over that mysterious era about which most casual Bible readers have no clue, showing you the missing chapters that connect Malachi and Matthew.

So, as we normally do, I’ll give you a chance to learn the material in the beginner mode with a practice quiz, free of penalties and with the answers included.  If that is too nice for you, I can start the real challenge in easy mode.  If the hard setting seems kind of intimidating, I’ll ease your fear by saying it is just a repeat of the beginner mode’s second part.  So then, you now know how it works, assuming you haven’t already been doing this for the past forty quizzes so far, which means we are ready to begin.

Pick an option so we can get started.

-Beginner Mode-

-Easy Mode-

-Hard Mode-

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