I told you I’d be back. 🙂 It’s Megan Scott again, this time with a quiz of my own to host.  As advertised way back in the James lesson, yours truly is bringing to you the mysterious little book of 2 John.  For such a small letter in the New Testament, I’m sure there are several surprises to talk about concerning an epistle of which you may not have even heard.

    As is the standard, I have 20 questions in total to ask you.  The beginner mode will give all of these in a practice run that will simply tell you the answers and move on without consequences for incorrect replies.  Once you are done with the lesson, you may try your hand at the first 10 of those same questions in the easy mode, thus meaning the latter half is what makes up the hard mode.

Are you as excited as I am?  My, my!  We are all set to get started then!

-Beginner Mode-

-Easy Mode-

-Hard Mode-

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