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Salvation Invitation


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    • If you’re referring to the fact that you don’t receive notifications when I post new comic episodes, you’re right. Due to the setup of the galleries, it just won’t do it. However, I can post in the What’s New page to trigger a notification, ultimately serving the same purpose. I hope that answered your question.


      • That could be a way. Depending on how it works, though, I’d probably say setting up a custom RSS system would be better. Depends how much you know about RSS and WordPress. (I’m learning the latter for work anyway, and the former is of interest, so I could see about it if you want.)


  1. The site looks great, my friend. I didn’t know you’d been working on it for this long. Kudos to you for your vision, perseverance and creativity. Great job! I think you have some great ideas. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with. I put the website for my non-profit on here for the heck of it.


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