This is the culmination of a series that I’ve spent my entire life thinking about in gradual stages.  I’m not sure how many people will ever finish the entirety of these seven volumes, but whomever this is for, I hope you are blessed with what God gave me to give you.  I don’t know who you are, if you’re even saved yet, or if you’re even alive yet, but just know you are loved and prayed for.  Also, enjoy my couple of additional notes before actually jumping into the series.

    For all the hints and claims of a big project that was originally going to be another game on the arcade page, I decided to turn it into a traditional reading series instead.  Yes, humans still do that, I think.  Surprisingly enough, these seven books ended up covering every other story that I’ve written but never got around to including in some form or fashion in the other series so far.  Originally, I started with comics that were supposed to have a pixelated design to match the computer theme of the System Guards while adding a touch of video game nostalgia.  Since that idea didn’t work, I’ve gradually tried to improve things a bit, but I hope you’ll understand if I just went with a simpler picture plan for these stories here.  That said, I can only think of one more thing I wish to point out before letting you run wild with this unique treasure.

    Since this series often deals with things a bit more mature than what most of my other fiction addresses, I decided to put the disclaimer here instead of repeating it in every book.  I’ll still remind you again when needed, and we definitely keep things as family friendly as possible like when dealing with such topics in the Bible lessons, but I thought you’d still appreciate the heads up for sake of the younger readers.

    Is everyone all good and disclaimed now?  Well then, go ahead and begin the weirdest trip you will ever take with the class of kooks called…

The System Successors!

-Volume I: The Art of Progress-

-Volume II: Family of the Dead-

-Volume III: To Face Oneself-

-Volume IV: Food for Thought-

-Volume V: A Time of Reflection-

-Volume VI: Fate of a Sister-

-Volume VII: A Date with Success-

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