The main girl on our team, Missy, has a sister named Mimi.  I look identical to Missy and my name is Mimi, with everyone calling me Miss Mimi.  No, I’m not related to either of them.  Yes, it’s a small world.  We should get back to our titular book, Colossians.  This slightly look-alike letter is packed with some explosive theological information right at the start of the show, which is why we should go ahead and jump in.

    As you veterans will recall, the beginner mode has 20 practice questions that teach you the lesson without penalty for incorrect answers.  Easy and hard mode both take these same questions and divide them to make up the real challenge, with easy mode even having a chance to retry the first 5 inquiries if you happen to miss any of those.  Now then, shall we get started? 🙂

Click one of the options below to begin.

-Beginner Mode-

-Easy Mode-

-Hard Mode-

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