Going from a background character to having my own quiz?  What an honor!  Of course the same thing happens to one of the people in this book, so I guess it’s fitting.  Although the person who went from a villain to a background character to the star of the book didn’t host one of our Bible quizzes.  Wait; nope, that’s about to change as well.  Are you ready to explore the book of Acts and learned what happened to the disciples after Jesus left?  Good!

    Remember; easy mode and hard mode have 10 questions each, and beginner mode is just a practice run of all 20 combined into one lesson, though with a checkpoint to allow you to practice the first half before finishing the class.  So then, we can get started, now that we understand what’s what.  I’m Cerine Rydden, and this is the Lightspeed Lab Acts Challenge.

-Beginner Mode-

-Easy Mode-

-Hard Mode-

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