The universe in which you and I live was created by the God of the Bible, and its makeup and laws are as He defines.  Where do superheroes and aliens come into the picture?  Well, I’ll let you check out the lesson on aliens later, but as far as superpowers go, aside from the occasional exceptions that God uses to perform certain miracles for particular reasons, there really aren’t many people just floating around with supernatural abilities like you read about in fiction.

    However, within this universe, there are plenty of people who use the abilities God has given them, from the extraordinary to the everyday, to do all sorts of things, significant and trivial.  One of those skills many folks enjoy is using a gadget called the imagination, and one individual in particular has decided to use his to create a fictional universe for the purpose of illustrating Bible truths, following the example of other great works like The Pilgrim’s Progress.  The person who created this new world, along with this website, has loosely based his universe on the concept of comparing the mind to a computer, thus deeming it the System, with the author being referred to as the System Director.

    The System Director recruited a team of his own fictional superheroes named the System Guards to protect their world from evildoers while also using their experiences as lessons for us in the real world.  Though they are fictional, their reality’s physics still have a similarity to our own, with the understandable super-exceptions.  However, even the superpowers are often based on some kind of technology, if that matters.  So yeah, the System Guards are your superhero teachers.  But I guess it only matters so much because they’re not real, right?

    While from their perspective, the majority of the SGs are humans, from our perspective, they are all what I call Partially Autonomous Cerebral Programs, or PACs.  This simply means that similar to software being real data in a real computer, these artificial beings are programs in the organic “hardware” of this author’s mind.  Just as your computer is real in spite of its lifeless nature, the SGs don’t let their synthetic intelligence get in the way of impacting our real world.  In fact, due to the setup the System Director has chosen, the inhabitants of the System have as much control as the cerebral hardware can give them in choosing whether they will help the cause or seek their own selfish ambitions.

    If the PACs choose to do their own thing, that’s on them.  The Director will just use someone else.  However, if they choose to teach you guys about the Bible, then their efforts result in real people learning real truths from the very real Word of God.  So, just as you can use a lifeless computer for God or for yourself, these would-be android programs have decided to use their artificial intelligence to help you people in the true universe to grow closer to our author and finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ.  In case you’re wondering, their slogan verses are Philippians 4:8 and 2 Corinthians 10:5.  James Scott would be deeply agitated if I forgot to mention those.

    So, now that you know how the superpowers of my cerebral cyber soldiers works out with teaching Bible lessons, enjoy their crazy antics as their adventures inspire you to think outside of the box while remembering that a merry heart does good like a medicine.

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