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Inner Man Theatre was started with the purpose of helping Christians grow in their walk with and knowledge of God while giving them a place to enjoy good, clean fun.  It is also our hope that those who are not Christians will find our material equally enjoyable as they see that Christianity is more logical and worthwhile than they may have believed.

The site’s two main features are its comic collection and its growing arcade, both of which include material intended to help you learn about your Savior, along with other material that’s just to let your brain chill after a crazy week.  It is our hope that you will thoroughly enjoy the fun stuff while taking in all the good, wholesome Bible lessons that are to be found here.

As for the comics, here is a brief look at the various series so you know what you’re getting yourself into:




One of the three Quick Comics we post Monday through Friday on Facebook, this is a collection of short, yet uplifting thoughts about the awesome power of God, along with some other interesting cogitations you may not normally have about the little, fascinating details of Scripture.


The second of the Quick Comics, this comedic mess follows the witty techbots, a line of androids maids in a world where families having robots is no different than having a family car.  If you’re not in the mood for science, don’t worry.  There’s not much thinking going on here.


On the other hand, this Quick Comic was specifically designed for the thinker.  Lightspeed Lab simply takes various Bible doctrines and lessons, and breaks them down to be easily understood in a minute or two.



System Guards is a multi-story series which actually includes the story of James Scott, who just happens to be the host of Lightspeed Lab.  The overall plot of the System Guards, however, follows the lives of Asteroid Boy and his cohorts as they learn that a hero isn’t someone with superpowers; it’s someone who leads by example.


To Do It All Over

A young lady gets the chance to relive her entire life while retaining all of her memories.

The Heated Room

How about a good, old-fashioned horror thriller like the old days before the gore and junk?



And then there’s our game section, Inner Man Arcade!

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