Hi there!  I’m Teran Rydden, and this is the very special lesson for the book of Hebrews.  Not only is this your chance to learn about the epistle that can be kind of intimidating for some Christians, it is also our final lesson before we let our super special hosts take over for the remainder of this series.  So, let me remind you of how this works, then we’ll get started.

    In beginner mode, we’ll go over all 20 questions from the other two settings in a practice run.  I’ll also use this time to explain the material.  Once you feel ready, we’ll divide those same questions into the 10 easy mode questions and the 10 hard mode questions.  That’s not too complicated, right?

Now, let’s begin the amazing book known to us as Hebrews!

-Beginner Mode-

-Easy Mode-

-Hard Mode-

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