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Week of 4/1/2019

Did you get pranked today? Remember that today’s Bible verse is Psalm 14:1. The main bit of news this week concerns our Facebook ads, and is actually a prayer request.  We are trying to reach out to our followers on that social media platform so that no one misses out on our Bible materials.  If you’re on Facebook and you’re […]

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Week of 3/25/2019

The end is coming! We are announcing the series, not season, series finale of All Cheerful & Rosie, coming at the end of May.  With our 500th episode posting this Friday, our final story line will commence, and it is going to be quite the weird one.  This particular series was just a transitional tool in gradually progressing my art […]

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Week of 3/18/2019

We’re shooting for 2 billion! This past week, we succeeded in updating yet another gallery, adding the navigational options between posts.  The only gallery left is the All Cheerful & Rosie series, but we’ll tackle this monster after we do another Bible quiz.  How well do you know the book of Judges?  We’ll find out in the next week or […]

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Week of 3/11/2019

Praise the Lord for His goodness! God is good and worthy to be praised!  What exciting thing has us praising Him?  The fact that He is God, regardless of what may happen!  Okay, with that spontaneous cheer spoken, I’m just letting you know that When You Really Think About It and most of the other comics have been updated to include […]

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Week of 2/18/2019

How are you and God getting along? Are you abiding in His Word?  Is His Word abiding in you?  Do you have a mighty need for prayer or encouragement?  However we can help, let us know.  This week’s newsletter is mainly here to tell you that Joshua’s pictures and questions have been completed, so this week I’ll start on putting the site […]

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Week of 2/11/2019

Happy (Still) February! Our news this week is fairly straightforward.  Those who missed the finale of System Guards can find it here, under the name Birthday Bedlam.  I’m currently working on the Bible quiz for the book of Joshua, as well as Judges and Ruth.  Prayerfully, they’ll greet you every week or every other week in the next little bit.  Finally, […]