May Day!  May Day!

Okay, so today isn’t exactly April 29th, but the opening line was worth the wait.  Now, this week’s news regards the art style of the site.  At the end of this month, All Cheerful & Rosie will end, and when that happens, I’ll use that time to focus on transitioning everything from the 8-bit look you see up above to the design I currently use in the Rosie’s story.  I’ll try to keep up with the quizzes as well, but my main focus is giving the new people another reason to stay for the Bible material.  This means my intention of giving the Old Testament the old design may not happen, or at least not fully.  In other words, the book of Ruth will have a newer looking host.  So, we shall see how all this goes in the next few weeks.  Until then, enjoy the other quizzes and last week’s comics.


But, as always, if you’re reading our posts via Facebook and want them sent directly to your email, you can follow using the button located somewhere to the right or at the bottom of this page.  If you are interested in praying for the site, you can see our main prayer requests here.

And here are the comics from last week!


When You Really Think About It:

When You Really Think About It Ep. 184

Click the image to see the posts or here for the whole gallery.


Wednesday giving you trouble?  Prayer Time!  (For all days):

If you have need of prayer, just put it in the comments on this post.


Lightspeed Lab (Click here for the whole gallery):

Lightspeed Lab: Come Thou Almighty King


All Cheerful & Rosie:

Click the each day’s link for the posts or here for the whole gallery.






And don’t forget to try out the games in our arcade.



Till next week!



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