For the next few months, I’ve decided to publish a comic series that I made a year or two ago but never gave the proper attention.  What series is this?  It’s the Four Corners, starring the wonderful Baylor siblings you see above.  Their adventures are a mix of short stories they’ve put together, along with live interviews with various people from the Bible, via time travel.  In reality, it’s what happens when four expert crime fighters get a crazy obsession for acting and teaching lessons.

The first two episodes will post this Friday since episode 1 is mainly the intro with the second actually being their first real story.  Since the series is a year or two old, it’ll start with the same animation and writing style you’ve been used to, but once the older episodes are gone, I plan on updating everything.  I just thought these four clowns would give you something to laugh at, and possibly something to learn, in the meantime.

Also, here are a few minor projects I played with over the summer that you may have missed.


First is a video I made for YouTube.  It’s redundantly simple, but hopefully the silly oversimplification will be a humorous delight.

The GIF below is an image link to the movie game I made.  Click it and see how far you can get!

Aaaand that’s all for now.  Go ahead and enjoy the Allergy by clicking the image above.


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