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Week of 9/24/2018

It’s still the same week, you know. So, apparently, today would seem to be Tuesday.  That sort of happens when you let days go on long enough, or so I’m told.  Between finishing this season of System Guards, working on the big post-ending special and working overtime in the real world, things have been busy.  But fear not!  I am […]

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Week of 9/17/2018

Are you eager for the Leviticus quiz?!   Much to your dismay (heh heh), it’s not quite ready yet.  It’ll probably post at some point either next week or thereafter since I’m focusing on the latest episodes of The Ultimate Maximum to give you an amazing array of battle scenes.  That said, the time will give you a chance to […]

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Week of 9/10/2018

Did you see the Bible quiz yet?!   If you haven’t played the new Bible quiz series, then feel free to click on the little picture here to jump right in!  I added the Exodus quiz this past Saturday and will be working on Leviticus here soon with the ultimate goal being 70 separate quizzes in this series that will […]