Did you get pranked today?

Remember that today’s Bible verse is Psalm 14:1.

The main bit of news this week concerns our Facebook ads, and is actually a prayer request.  We are trying to reach out to our followers on that social media platform so that no one misses out on our Bible materials.  If you’re on Facebook and you’re seeing this, feel free to read the rest of the post on the website, innermantheatre.com, by clicking the link.  Once on the site, you can click the follow button on the side to add your email.  Either way, whether you’re on Facebook or our site, please pray that the endeavor of bringing the IMT family together brings forth fruit.

As far as quizzes go, we are currently working on Judges right now and will keep you posted on its ETA.  Until then, enjoy the previous games and the comics you may have missed.

Enjoy the comics!

But, as always, if you’re reading our posts via Facebook and want them sent directly to your email, you can follow using the button located somewhere to the right or at the bottom of this page.  If you are interested in helping the site continue to spread the teaching and joy of God’s Word, you can do that here.

And here are the comics from last week!


When You Really Think About It:

When You Really Think About It Ep. 168

Click the image to see the posts or here for the whole gallery.


Wednesday giving you trouble?  Prayer Time!  (For all days):

If you have need of prayer, just put it in the comments on this post.


Lightspeed Lab (Click here for the whole gallery):

Lightspeed Lab: From Judah To David


All Cheerful & Rosie:

Click the each day’s link for the posts or here for the whole gallery.





And don’t forget to try out the games in our arcade.

Till next week!

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