How’s it going?  So, last year began my journey into interactive stories, which resulted in this little jewel you are about to play.  Since this was my experiment with mobile apps, I decided that, rather than make a full, competent adventure, I’d just toss a salad together and call it a game.  If you want a break from awesome graphics and thrilling plots in favor of nonsensical humor, than hallelujah…because that’s all this has going for it.

So have fun with the nugget of joy that is a whimsical showcase of just how far we’ve come with the newer games in our wonderful arcade.

Now…our story begins with police officer Key–yes, that’s his name–hunting down some punk with his sidekick, Molly, feeding him information via earpiece. Adding to the fun is unsuspecting Jackson reading his comic book. (Is he reading the Ultimate Maximum?)

Click a choice:
-Play as Key-
-Play as Jackson-
-Play as Molly-
-Play as Kina-