Welcome to the game based on the comic series All Cheerful & Rosie, set in a world full of commercially distributed household and workplace androids, known as techbots, who are more useful for a good laugh than for actually doing their jobs.

    Down below are five different games to choose from, so jump right in and be prepared, because these friendly-looking ladies are brutal when it comes to competition.

    Also, keep in mind as you play that there is a hidden page with a very important secret regarding the comic series.  In order to reach the page, you’ll need to beat each game with its requirement to receive part of the link that goes in the search bar up top. 😆  If you can get the entire link, just put it all together in the order of the games listed below and behold the series secret!!

Do well!


-Where’s the Monkey?-

-Dwayne’s Diner-

-Kindergarten Quiz-

-Out for a Walk-

-Bored Games-

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