Is That Missy and Keb?!

Something is very wrong here, and I think it has to do with this week’s episode of System Guards, so be sure to check into that!  In other IMT news, while we are still putting together the Bible quiz on the book of Numbers, you can have another exciting run through the Leviticus quiz.  You should know that after Missy does her wonderful work of hosting the next book challenge, we plan to have each new host say a little about themselves in whatever week’s newsletter is the herald of that addition to the quiz collection, giving you a chance to really get to know our System Guards.  So, go ahead and try the last quiz again.

One more update is in order, and it regards everyone’s favorite line of techbots.  Take a look.

The five are still a work in progress, but this is the basic idea for the new art design that should be here by January.  We’ll see how that works.  That’s basically all the news for ya.

But, as always, if you’re reading our posts via Facebook and want them sent directly to your email, you can follow using the button located somewhere to the right or at the bottom of this page.  If you are interested in helping the site continue to spread the teaching and joy of God’s Word, you can do that here.

And here are the comics from last week!


When You Really Think About It:

When You Really Think About It Ep. 68

Click the each day’s link for the posts or here for the whole gallery.





Wednesday giving you trouble?  Prayer Time!  (For all days):

If you have need of prayer, just put it in the comments on this post.


Lightspeed Lab (Click here for the whole gallery):

Lightspeed Lab: Fruit of the Spirit


All Cheerful & Rosie:

Click the each day’s link for the posts or here for the whole gallery.






And the boom!

System Guards Ultimate Maximum:

The Ultimate Maximum Ep.39 Pg.1

Read the episode here.  Find the gallery here.  Switch System Guard eras here.



And don’t forget to try out the games in our arcade.

Till next week!

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