(Cynthia: Hmm, we’ve beaten all of the games four times already and the new one won’t come in for a week.  This calls for desperate measures.)
(Melanie: Why are you talking to yourself again?)
(Cynthia: Because you’re not paying attention like a good little sister should.)
(Melanie: So, what’s up, pigtails?)
(Cynthia: Alright odango, if you must know…I’m bored.)
(Melanie: Ah yes, I am, too. Let’s summon the genie.)
(Girls: Hey, Rhoda!)

(Rhoda: Yes, girls?)
(Rhoda: Oh my, that is a problem.  Then there is only one thing to do…)
(Girls: What?!)
(Rhoda: Board games!!)
(Girls: Ugh!  That’s SO old-fashioned!  We’re children of the tech, Rhoda.)
(Rhoda: Oh brother!  Haha, you will just have to tough it out today.)
(Cynthia: Fine….)  (Mel: Yuck!)
(Rhoda: Oh stop it, haha!  ‘Velcome…to Rhoda’s Board Game Bash!)
(Mel: More like Bored Game Bash….)
(Rhoda: So, you two will be teaming up to survive my mind maze of mental madness.)
(Cynthia: The story of our life.)
(Rhoda: Cute.  Now, the way the rules go is I will give you a serious of puzzles and stuff for you to guess your way through.  If you need help like babies, I will let you have three guesses per puzzle.  However, if you can be big girls and beat my games without a single mistake, you get a secret prize at the end.  Alright then?  So, before we begin the game, how difficult do you want this to be?


-Call me a baby or whatever, I don’t care. (Easy Mode)-

-Pff, bring it on,  nano-nanny!-

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