Welcome to your first day of kindergarten, class.  I’m Callie and I’ll be your teacher, ha ha!

    So, you want to know what I teach to the children here, eh?  Well then, I’ve put together a little quiz for you to get an idea of the stuff my kids have to learn before they can move on to the first grade.

    It’s only a 20-question quiz which I shall give you, but each wrong answer costs a whopping 10 points, and you have to make at least a 70 to pass.  If you want the third part of the secret code, you have to get a perfect score.


Think you are ready to graduate kindergarten?

Let’s find out….
Oh, and no cheating. You can’t look up the answers.

Click to Begin the Quiz

Caroline forced me to take the class.  I’ll just excuse myself now.

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