(Serena: What brought you to this town?  I mean, were you built here or shipped here, or did you choose to come here?)
(Caroline: Oh, wow!  That is a really good question.  I don’t remember off the top of my head if I was built here or shipped here.)

(Caroline: Yee-ugh!!  I can’t even tell you if I was shipped complete or all disassembled in a box.)
(Serena: Trauma much!)
(Caroline: Not the best thought, but it’s not terribly different from babies being formed in the womb, and it’s not like I haven’t pulled a robot moment with my limbs to spook people for pranks.  Still, to know some stranger could’ve carelessly thrown my lifeless form into a box with absolutely no concern for me is unsettling.)
(Serena: Uh, yah!)
(Caroline: Serena….)
(Serena: Carol?)
(Caroline: I don’t know where I came from.  Simple as that.)
(Serena: Aw, Carol….)
(Caroline: I never met my creator.  I don’t have a mother or father.  It’s never bothered me before but….)
(Serena: You haven’t met your maker?)
(Caroline: Hahahaha!!  Really, dude?!  I’m trying to be all philosophical and sentimental here, and you go and do stuff like that?)
(Serena: Sorry, I’m stuck on puns.)
*Caroline walks away for about five minutes then comes back.*
(Caroline: I can make you disappear!)
(Serena: Then prove it, Missy Magician!  Hey, weren’t we supposed to be walking by now?)
(Caroline: Oh yeah!  So, was I thinking too much?)

-Girl, you need a boyfriend.-

-No, of course not!-

-Why not look into it?-

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