(Serena: DUDE!  Caroline!  We’ve been standing here, talking about going to see Mrs. Haywood, but we’re not moving!)
(Caroline: OH MY GOODNESS!!  WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE!!  Oh wait, I’m super fast and super strong.  Hold on, girl!  I’m going to carry you and run there.)


(Serena: Uh, Carol, I have a better idea that will have you short circuiting from excitement.)
(Caroline: Oh, really?  I need to know!)

(Caroline: WOOHOO!!!  Serena, you are definitely my best friend ever!!  We’re totally gonna’ make it in time!!)
(Serena: Haha!  This is how it’s done, yo!)
(Caroline: Oh yeah, this has definitely inspired me.  The techbots are going on a road trip!!)
(Serena: The techbots?  How many of you are there here?)
(Caroline: There are five of us; Virginia, Georgia, Callie, Caroline and Rhoda.  We drive this town crazy, but they love us because we’re always so cheerful and rosie!  Of course, we spell it differently, haha!)


-Oh, look!  It’s Mrs. Haywood’s house!-

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