Zack and Billy are soon on the phone once again with Zack giving the request, “Bill…tell me…tell me how to be saved.” 

Mr. Reese freezes.

“Bill?”  Zack wonders why his pal is silent.

    “Uh, uh, yes!  Zack, you know that we’ve all sinned.  Everyone’s lied or thought some mean thought or disobeyed their parents.  God created this universe, and He gave us laws to abide by.  We have all broken His laws; I know I have!  The penalty for this is death, just like there is a penalty for breaking our laws on earth.  However, God’s Son, Jesus Christ, came to earth, born as a man, and took your sins upon Himself when He died on a cross centuries ago.  He rose from the dead, allowing you to be saved.  All you must do is simply believe in Jesus Christ and ask Him to save you.  It’s so simple; you want to do it right now?” 

Zack Malone quickly replies, “Yes!”


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