Well, later that day, Zack and his associates discuss the terrifying complications of the Resurrection Project.  Nate steams.  “I give these people life, OUR HEROES, and this is what they do?!  Aye, aye, aye!”

Zack sighs.  “What are we going to do, sir?”

    Nate quickly responds, “We are going to put out a public statement that we in no way support the Founding Fathers’ statement and declaration of war.”

    Donna chimes in, chortling, “You’re going to get on national television and tell the world that you disagree with the Founding Fathers of our country?”

    Knowing his plan did sound funny, Harrison defends the logical rationale of his intention.  “Well, what am I supposed to say, that I agree that we should declare war on our government?”

    Wonderfully wise Donna calmly corrects him.  “You are going to say, ‘While we respect the core beliefs of our forefathers, we want this current administration to know that we did not foresee this outcome, and we will cooperate fully with them in the effort to either pacify or detain…hmm…any threat to the peaceful prosperity of this land.’  Yeah, that sounds nice.”

    Nathaniel goes over to his window and finally admits the depth of his folly.  “I see now the horrible sin I’ve committed and the destruction that it brings.  I have no choice; I shall end the project.”


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