Chapter 5   A Window of Opportunity

            “Well, my Assistant Director,” Blufie confesses to her new employee, “I must now give you great news, along with a teeny letdown, I’m afraid.”

            “I hope I’m ready.  Go ahead,” says the protégé.

            “The good news,” Blufie says, “is that you are now officially a part of the actual System.  You’re just as real as I am, for what that’s worth.  You’ll also be able to create your own mini-Systems and so forth, so there’s that.  The drawback is that you’ll be more like my coworker than my assistant.  Is that okay with you?”

            “Your coworker?”  Fifi is both excited and confused.  So, I’ll be my own System Director.  I mean, that’d make sense, based on what you just said, but how does that relate to the human author of our story?”

            “Well,” Blue instructs, “as you may recall, I’m only one of several PACs in the System.  Yes, due to our history, I’m among the ones G2 holds as high as AB, Elfie or Keb, but I’m still not what you’d even call the Assistant Director at this level.  We can discuss the pros and cons of your promotion, but I think the wiser thing to do would be to focus on why I made you to begin with, my child.”

            This bolsters Fifi’s sense of importance to whatever mission the Queen Commander may have.  “Why did you make me, Doctor Science Gal?”

            “Pff, oh sister,” Blufe scoffs, “Anyway, G2 is about to put the final touches on the current universe.  I mentioned we currently have forty planets that are all themed after SG history, with each planet having cities that have dimensional properties that technically allow them to house entire storyboards within them while still only being cities within the planets that inhabit this one universe.  It’s really cool.  Which reminds me, I forgot to tell you of when I recently tried to make what I call the Tangleverse.  Basically, I tried to see what would happen if I made one storyboard with a super long history, but with the one stipulation that the universe itself was curved and tangled in a way that space travelers would think they are visiting alternate storyboards, not realizing they are travelling to different eras in history in that same universe.  It was too complicated, so I moved on, ha ha!  Which also reminds me that I feel that there were a few other random tidbits we passed over.”  Blufie turns to the others and yells, “Hey, what other random nonsense should we tell this child before we end this story?”

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