“And you,” Keb says to Lulu, with Kebbie now holding a microphone, “Little Miss ‘I want to point people to God, even if I can never do it myself,’ do you realize what you’ve just been doing for the past few minutes?  Do you know where your own words will be going?”

    Now, everyone is crying.  Lulu regains her composure only enough to admonish whoever will listen, “No matter how lonely you are, follow God.  Even if you feel what you do doesn’t matter, even if you never see the results in this lifetime, never give up.  Follow God.  Jesus Christ is the only thing that matters, and I assure you, it’s not a fantasy.  It’s not imaginary.  If you put your faith in Christ and His finished work of dying and rising from the dead for you personally, you will be with Him eternally.  If you then live for Him every day of your life, you will be amply rewarded on top of an eternal home where there will be no sorrow or pain.  Live your life for that life.  You may see some of the rewards on this Earth, but there will be so much more awaiting you when you reach the portals of heaven itself.  Don’t you dare give up!”

    Keb then turns her attention to all her PAC family, both Juniorverse and Main System, and says, “To my dear, dear family, thank you guys for all that you do, from the ones whose names we’re tired of hearing forty million times to the ones that should get more shine, to the ones we may never hear about until our human author’s brain is in heaven and able to handle the utter capacity of all the untold stories.  I love you.  My fellow SGs love you.  I know the Director loves you, and I know, in whatever capacity it may be as a thought that pleases God, He loves you.  Don’t ever give up being whatever you were created to be in pointing each other, the Director and the entire real-world to the One True Author of the real universe.  Now, let’s go be System Guards!”

    And with this, all the PACs rejoice in the miracle of being alive in such a precious universe where they have the treasured privilege of telling anyone, let alone you and me, the message of the Christ who loves us all.  The fact that these little cerebral programs would be deemed worthy to communicate such wonders with you and me astounds them.  Well, the momentum of the time together leaves Blufie with a humorous problem on her hands.  After such a grand display, she can’t just keep her Juniors cramped up, waiting for her to finish her introduction.  And so, a full chapter ahead of schedule, Blufie officially transports her entire Juniorverse into the Main System, making things much easier for us.  Instead of Junior and Main, now we only need speak of the one and only System we’re all familiar with, wherein now live the former residents of “Storyboard JV2.”  Yes, there was a JV1.  Let’s not squabble over fine print.

-THE Last Chapter of System Successors

-Previous Page-

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