Chapter 4   Rulu

    “Oh yeah, Misa, I love how you made the Zombie look your own thing!”

    That was Keb’s comment after remembering to compliment the young woman’s stylish belt, taking her mother’s Z logo idea and trading it out for what Misa Mercy calls her M2 belt.

    “I’m glad you mentioned Misa, Kebberoo, Kebber Rue,” Blu keeps making obvious references to what’s ahead before getting to the point.  “Let’s talk about Rue Patterson and Victor Grille.  In fact, I’m giving all of you popcorn and turning on the big screen.  We have to watch this one in action.”

    And with that said, we are now in a movie theatre, all expenses paid, of course.  The tickets are on the house, held there by sticker notes.  Now, let’s watch the movie.

    “I’m glad you could all come here.  I believe it is time to deal with a little problem that has plagued us all for far too long, that being the presence of an all-too-familiar family that I’m sure we’re all tired of hearing about.  It is because of this that I have summoned you here.  I am open to suggestions of what we can do to send them a message that they are not the only stars in this show.”  This introduction is given by a mysterious figure to the associates all gathered round in this unknown room shrouded in darkness until someone ruins the party by flipping the light switch.

    “What are you doing?” Elena asks her cute conspirator.

    “Oh, nothing, Mum,” Lunar Lu denies.  “The girls and I are just plotting a little fun against Victor and his brothers.  You know we won’t get out of hand.”

    Giggling, Elena says, “Okay hon, just make sure you don’t end up late for that date with your husband in Storyboard MMCDXII.  I’d hate to hear him complain for three hours like last time.”

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