Thoroughly pleased, Faye adds, “Seriously hon, if you got this far into our materials, you’ve surely grown accustomed to our lunacy by now.  Otherwise, bless your soul for trucking along this far on the sheer need to criticize something.”

    “Besides,” Tiff says, “it’s not like he’ll ever get mentioned again after this finale here.”

    There’s a snicker, then another, and finally, a burst of laughter as the Kebber can’t help but see herself in her little descendants.  “Girls, hearing such a thing come from you, and not me for once, was a sight for sore ears, hee hee!”

    “You mean a sound for sore eyes,” corrects Kerry Miller.

    “Indeed, I do!” Keb agrees.

    And so, having listened to the self-appointed grandchildren doom this book to some unknown real-world danger, I’m sure, the Blue One decides there’s only one thing to do now.

    “Once upon a time, there was an orphan girl living in the country of Scotland….”

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