Chapter 3   Family of Fun

    “Oh, great!” says Keb.  “Now, everyone will be thinking the title is talking about my family.”

    Faye is offended.  “But aren’t we all your family, Lady Kebber?”

    Smiling all big and happy, Mrs. Sanchez replies, “I guess you is!”

    However, this title was chosen in contrast to Tiffany’s mock debut in the second part of this series.  That unfortunate older sibling of Tiff may have been a part of the family when it was in darkness, but this sister is here to spread the joy and amazing wonder of life and love.  Woot.

    “Ha ha!  What a way to make an entrance!  Thanks, guys!”  As you can tell, even Tiffer caught on to the opening of this chapter.  “Between this and the nachos, maybe I will go easy on you, Gramps.”

    “Gramps?” Fifi looks around, scrutinizing both her location and the parameters of this book environment.  “So, come to think of it, Lady Blufie, if you’re the System Director of my story, and the real SD is writing your story, then who is in charge of the words that I’m…this is going to take a lot of getting used to.”

    Snickering, Blufie realizes this may be an issue that even you real-worlders are wondering, so she politely addresses the potential curiosity.  “Heh heh, yeah, G2 is sitting over there in the corner, using his non-character-narrator form and helping me write the backbone of this story.  We’re tag-teaming this effort, but he’s trying to not get too involved for the sake of the critics in the real world.”

    “Hiiiiii, Graaaaaaamps!” Tiffany waves big and long, and as she says the next part, her already instigating smirk grows even more intentional.  “Hiiiii, my wonnnnnderful criiiiiitiiiiiicssssss!”

    “We’re getting sued,” Faye predicts.

    “That’s why they called it SUSIE,” ponders Eppie.

    Loving every minute of this goofy conversation, Blufie addresses the four girls that Tiffany decided to bring along, and as she does, her voice changes so that each of the four addressed hears her own voice speaking to her.  “The lovely and calm Blue Meyers, the small but fiery Misa Mercy, the stylish writer-to-be Jenny Olivia and the warrior known as Kerry, I’m glad all of you could join your dear Fifi, seeing she is your best friend in the entire System.”

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