And with this, a new threat emerges, ready to soon make itself known to our humble little workstation.  Who could this nightmare be?  Is it Elfie?  Is it Kammy?  Is it Judy Joker or Missy?  Is it Judy Joker?  If you are assuming it’s Faye’s sister, that still doesn’t help you.  She has several billion.  I suppose we will just have to wait and see who is about to help Blufie in making this story as complicated as they can just to give me more work to do.  Maybe if I welcome her with a plate of nachos or something, she’ll reward my kindness by not planning some devious plot hole for me to explain my way out of.  At any rate, I believe the pitiful attempt at trying to distract from the obvious answer of who was talking to Faye has run its course, so yes, terrific Tiffany is on her way to add to the merrymaking in the next chapter.

    “Do I smell nachos?!”  It’s time to party with the boss of Birthday Boulevard herself!  At least we avoided Judy Joker’s face model lessons this time.

-Next Nachopter-

-Previous Plate-

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