Chapter 2   Going in Circles

    “Is there anything else I can help you with before I leave, ma’am?”  Fifi asks this to the elderly woman she has been assisting all day, nowhere near Blufie, I might add.

    “Oh honey,” says this senior citizen, “saving my city from that lizard creature and taking me grocery shopping?  You’ve been much too kind to this old woman.  Thank you, dear.”

    As the two new friends part ways, Fifi smiles and says to herself, “She was such a sweet lady.  She has just inspired me to pay Mrs. Haywood a visit on Juniper.  Yup!  It has been way too long since I visited her and Caroline last month.  How lazy have I been?  He he!”  Before this wonderful arrangement can be made, however, Fifi receives a warning from what you’ll soon see is her literal headquarters with one simple word, a name actually, that sends chills down this young hero’s spine, thus informing her there are more important tasks to deal with first.  As she goes to face this head on, she says aloud, “So, it’s her.”

    In case you’re confused, I shall remind you that, even without accounting for the Infinite Warrior powers, every seasoned System Guard knows the technique of nano-doubles, using fully interactive holograms to accomplish several tasks at once without an information overload to their brain.  Each nano-double simply sends the newly acquired knowledge into the subconscious of the System Guard so that they’ll know what’s up later, and thus, everyone is happy and informed.  Well, while the real Fifi was on the new job with Blufie, our beautiful heroine already had one of her nano-doubles out helping the general public when the mention of none other than Lunar Luann caused all of her cerebral extras to return to their host in fearful anticipation of whatever nonsense may soon cause the universe to be out of service.

    “Let me tell you the story of how that crazy time-traveler and her faithful best friend pulled the biggest prank on the System’s second-most annoying villain in our history!” Blufie waves her index finger in the air all dignified with this statement.

    “Oh, boy….” is Fifi’s worried response.

    Patting her child on the back, Faye chuckles and assures, “I have to admit that you don’t give the girl enough credit, hon.  My Elena wouldn’t raise an irresponsible young’un.  That pal of mine is a good mama.”

    As everyone else echoes this sentiment, Blufie rushes into a long lecture she hopes to finish within only ten pages of this story.  She’s going to be talking in superspeed, so just praise God that I can’t type in that mode, or else you’d be in trouble.  “Lu and her pal Kat decided they were annoyed at Victor Grille’s evil ways.  Not only did he terrorize poor Misa in his own storyboard and harass the rest of us with the J Tot invasion, he personally got on Lu’s nerves by pestering her alter ego in Grille’s universe, Rat Food Rue.  Still, I have to remind you that if not for Victor’s shenanigans, you and I would’ve never been born, so let’s count our blessings for what they are.  Nonetheless, Lu decided to take advantage of the old time loop trick her mom talked about in Storyboard Shopping, that wonderful game on our website, and helped a certain team of heroes ensure Victor’s ultimate defeat, along with all his siblings.”

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