Playfully bopping her still-existent subject on the head, the Queen Commander says, “You’re the one claiming to stay up all night playing a fifteen-minute-long game.”

    I.C. mutters in disappointment, “I did play other video games, but only because the System Director is too lazy to make other content starring me—uh, I mean us.”

    Hugging her pal and facing everyone else, all of whom are still picking up the pieces of their sanity at the fear Blufie was seriously going to blip I.C. out of existence, the Queen Commander states, “I say we all have a big bowl of the namesake of our Successors.  Cheese salsa for all!  Now, as far as the folks by the same name, they did like the people of the Dogwood Galaxy’s other planets, as in looking like aliens on purpose.  Yeah, they tried all kinds of variations, but in the end, they all got bored of that and went normal again.  THEN this happened to coincide with the rest of us yawning as the System was getting kind of boring, so we told the Salsa the truth, recruited THEIR common descendant, basically, and named her Successa.  She looks like Gigi.  The rest of the group, and their universe, we retired.  That was the end of the System.  The end.  I mean, Juniper was still there, and everyone who “retired” lived there, and not as deaders, necessarily, so it wasn’t that bad.  Now, we have cleared up everything there is to talk about the future—”

    Fifi interjects, “No, we haven’t.”

    “—so, let’s clear up some things about the past!  Who knows the amazing Lunar Luann?!”

    “ME!!”  Is the majority cheer.

    “If she’s involved, we’ll all get erased….” Fifi regretfully adds.

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