Chapter XII   Mission Accomplished

    Well now, it’s been quite a long seventy years, hasn’t it, ladies?  There were times these two, along with Abbie, would take a break, but for the most part, they stuck to the plan and accepted Ally’s punishment as three best friends ready to tackle anything together.  Most of the time, you wouldn’t have even known they were in prison with all the fun they came up with along the way, but this period was still taken with the utmost responsibility.  I’d hate to think of the alternative if Abigail wasn’t there to watch over these two children with all the fun games they came up with over the years.  And now that the sentence has been completed, we can catch up where we left off.

    With Duplica, I guess I should give her the same perty speech I gave for her husband and sister, but this is Cat, so I’ll just skip to Ally.

    Ally is a wonderful girl.  She dresses in red and has black hair.  Did you know that Ally even has red nail polish to match her outfit?

    Okay, so we’ll stop ignoring Cat.  That first time this kid showed up, as far as my perspective is concerned, she was just a recent graduate of the academy over a thousand years ago, in Dogwood time, and yet she was already a powerful, yet wise woman with the moral strength of a true leader.  I’m not even sure if she and Doug were married yet or engaged at the time.  Of course, all of this is in reference to when I was developing her character and story just a few short months before in real-world time.  Never did I think I’d even get around to writing a genuine story for her, let alone something so grand that it’s covered every other story that I had meant to tell but never got around to doing.  The characters have been a treat, and yet a scary mystery to me as well.  You have to remember that even if I have a plan for how to write my story, I still give the characters the free will to choose their own parts in this.  Thus, having a beautiful idea in mind four and a half books away is a horrifying thing, because you don’t know who’s going to do what and ruin what along the way.

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