However, what I can say is that there was one cruelly bitter J Tot that was unreservedly hateful towards the mother that once threatened to kill her unless she did the very things that same hypocritical mommy tampered with history in order to stop doing herself.  This burdened tot was also hateful towards herself for being the only one in her family to clumsily handle and miserably fail her spy mission while every other sister accomplished their tasks flawlessly.  Finally, the one person this particular mime girl hated just barely more than her own mother was the replacement sister that came out of nowhere to daily manipulate and torment her like the other tots would do to Kammy Crystal, before finally destroying this pitiful puppet in order to enjoy the new life this discarded tot might have had if she hadn’t been ordered to fight against it from day one.  Faye tried to talk to her.  Ally tried.  Allure tried.  No one could reach her.  Even if she was pushed into it, she refused to leave her love of sin behind in favor of a name that literally burned her and caused pain every time it was spoken.  It’s sad to say, but Whirly made up her mind.

    Then Tiffany burped Dogwood HQ’s entire native alphabet backwards for her.  Long story short, that once bitter tot is now an overjoyed follower of Christ and co-owner of Birthday Boulevard with the baby sister that changed everything by waiting on all the lectures and just being kind to her.  Faye and Tiff couldn’t ask for a sweeter older sister, nor Ally a more loving daughter.

    Now, what about Ally and Cat?

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