Chapter XI   Worth a Billion

            With all the adventures we took into the past, it’s about time we move into the future.  Of course, we aren’t going to simply visit there.  These are the events of what’s happening over the next few years as we take the quicker route than these slow slugs.  As far as the rest of the universe is concerned, the recovery goes fairly smoothly, given the circumstances, with only the defective warriors from the planet Emrich of the Lyger Galaxy and Lexi from the Katalina Galaxy remaining dead.  That means, with the war behind us and the other galaxies enjoying a much-needed recovery, we can focus on our Dogwood Galaxy inhabitants.

For Paul, his orders following graduation were simple, marry Kammy.  In fact, the group of best friends all worked their schedules out to have a lovely triple wedding, which turned out just as wonderfully as everyone had hoped it would.

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