Now, after having reviewed everything from her perspective, we find that she’s not perfect, but she has done her best to endure more suffering from the tot’s then most, watching them hurt her friends from the shadows, and she has diligently stayed by Elfie’s side the whole time to make sure he’s arrived safely to this point.  Now that Faye no longer has to pretend to be a J Tot, the mask comes off.  It’s time to finally move on and let these two enjoy the relationship they’ve always wanted.  Take it away, Little Miss Nightmare!

    “So, you see?  You see, Elfie?  That’s why I made you attack me.  I needed to prove to you that the System Blade doesn’t hurt me.  I needed to show that the tots fear that thing because they’d die in an instant, while I could be hit by that thing all day and not flinch.  I care about you and don’t want you to think for a minute that I would EVER hurt you, Entoni Franklin.”  Then, as she restores the rest of Elfie’s memories, letting him remember things like their dates on Juniper in the Christian Music Arena, the times they’d spend at church in the Dolphin Galaxy, and how he, Faye and the others would meet in their dreams like AB and his friends used to do in order to have “Yuri Shiloh tea parties” and such other foolishness, Faye sees the eyes of an old friend looking at her in a way he hasn’t in a long time.  She was scared when she first told him the truth, but now she knows Ent can see all this for himself.  Looking deep into his eyes, Faye Worley says, “I love you, Entoni Franklin Rug.  You really are the reason I exist.”

    After hearing all of this, Ent knows.  He knows it’s all very true.  So, with his heart filled with the energizing life restored by the presence of his best friend, he lovingly responds by saying, “I guess that really does make you my Infinite Fate.”

    With her hands on her hips, she chuckles and shakes her head in disapproval.  Faye tells her Elfie, “No, Entoni, only Jesus Christ is truly Infinite.”

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