Chapter 9   Sisters Forever

    Every word of Faye’s story is true, because it is about what is happening right now.  This is the tale of sibling rivalry between a girl and the friend who claimed to be her mentor.  Now, these two women fight to determine the fate of this universe while Duplica’s reinforcements handle Ally J.’s robotic children.  While Ally did initially have help from the tots holding Cat’s loved ones, she’s enjoying the battle so much that she decided long ago to hoard Duplica to herself.  In fact, the more they fight, the more Destiny reconsiders her deadly intentions, giving serious thought to making Cat her personal pet.

    “Little sister,” Ally says, “how are you supposed to save the worlds if you can’t keep up with us?”

    “HA!  What fantasy are you living?”  The Duplicas fire away at their targets, occasionally hitting something, though the same thing happens in the other direction with the Allys returning their own shots with some success.  As a literal storm begins to brew, Ally summons the lightning to aid her cause, but Duplica smarts off by using the thunder to shield just to be stupid and show she can.  How can thunder shield?  Uh, hello?  A sound barrier?  Moving on.

    Now, in the old days, fights of this magnitude would be taken to empty storyboards to ensure entire universes weren’t destroyed in the process, and even then, shockwaves or the warriors involved might still end up in other dimensions filled with life as things got too intense.  In the modern age, though, the unified universe was created with Infinites in mind so that, while not impossible, breaking the storyboard is very hard to do.  Not that this matters since Ally doesn’t want to end life, just control it.  Her mission is to torment Cat to death and corrupt the System.  Other than that, she’s entirely fine with people enjoying themselves.  It’s the affectionate tots that love being so close to everyone in their eternal bond.

    I say this like Allure doesn’t get enjoyment out of the digitization of Cat’s friends when, in reality, being the central computer for it all means she can make use of her hostages herself, taking on their forms to torture Cat Rug.  In doing so, she did find humor in Cathy’s reaction to fighting Doug’s face, but Ally’s personal favorite is Abbie Sky.

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