Before the beans can be spilt, however, Faye quickly tells Gigi not to spoil her fun.  She turns to Elf and explains, “I finally convinced the System Director to let me tell you guys everything, but only in repressed memories to make the healing process easier for everyone after the tots had wrecked everything.  First, let’s get out of this dump.  I’m hungry, and I know you are, Edge.”  Faye quickly teleports everyone to the lunchroom and gives Tiffany money for the vending machine, asking the girl if she remembers how to use this kind.  As her twin walks away saying she’s going to have an adventure if she doesn’t remember, Faye turns her attention back to her boyfriend.  “Now, while she’s getting the snacks, I’ll start the story.  You see, my beloved Double-Edge, Gigi gets to have her memories unlocked, but you…well, I want the privilege of telling you myself.  I hope that’s okay.”  As she smiles, her Elfie gets it and lovingly smiles back, thoroughly enjoying the idea of Faye telling him this herself.  “Good!  Then, I’ll begin.  You see, it all started, or at least it’s about to start, with Duplica and Destiny the Alluring Jekel….”

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