Chapter 8   What She’s Always Wanted


    Now that she is finally where her brother is, Grace can see what he’s been up to all this time.  For the entire “date,” he hasn’t done too much more than argue with Whirly and hack away at her J Tot siblings.  The main problem with an extra passenger on this ride for Ent, however, is that he has to be more careful with his attacks so that Gigi doesn’t get hurt by a stray swing of a System Blade.  Even so, Ent has no problem admitting to himself, and even privately to Grace, that he’s very happy to have his sister with him.

    “Do you know how the others are doing, Gi?”

    “No idea,” she tells him.  “At least I can’t confirm they’re dead,” she says with a smile.

    “I can!” Whirly shouts in glee.

    “Nobody asked you,” the twins say in a unison monotone to this obvious lie.

    For all the times during this conflict Ent has been using attacks like the classic Asteroid Belt and his own special sword technique called the Cleansing Wave, also known as the Edge of Reality, he now goes over all his close-range attacks, limited the number of tots he can repel at a time.  Gigi recognizes this right away and playfully scolds her bro.

    “Entoni, you’re an Infinite Warrior.  You have access to virtually every attack and set of battle wisdom there is.  How is it that you actually think you’re so restrained in your strategies, Mr. Rug?”

    Tapping his cheek in thought, he agrees with her.  “I really should be able to dish out the punishment, shouldn’t I?  Let’s handle this buffoonery as true Infinite Warriors, just like Mom would.”

    Having said this, they find a target to attack and use a form of fighting we haven’t seen since the days of AB and Cici when visiting Storyboard X.  As Infinites, the two launch forward in full force so that their bodies look like wild blasts of pure energy bursting about at speeds that don’t even acknowledge light is moving.  With their level of might being the same, the tots imitate this action, causing a massive storm of power to erupt within this location.

    “You two are just so cute, being all super boomy!”  the tots say.

    “BOOM!”  Gigi says, breaking a face or two.

    Seeing their sisters destroyed so easily, other tots cheer, “Our sister-in-law is so strong!  That means less sharing for us!!  Woohoo!!”

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